DOD - FX25 Envelope Filter  [schematic]

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Re: DOD - FX25 Envelope Filter

Postby tubehead123 » 17 Feb 2016, 23:37

Mbas974 wrote:Hi all, I'm very happy with my pedal I built some time ago, everything is working well.
One question related to this circuit but O.T.

Will it be possible tweak the circuit in order to not have the envelop ?
Let me explain... this pedal is extremely silent that only when I play sound come out... in other words it is a GREAT GATE pedal.
So I was wondering whether I can mod it to change it in a standard GATE without the envelop.

...hope it is clear.

it has low noise prolly due to two things - low gain to not make self-noise or increase any incoming noise and a filter to cut out any high frequency noise. also, the filter is at its lowest position with no input signal which is what you want for a noise gate. if you wanted to make it into more of a gate you would want the filter to be a lowpass (see my lowpass mod) and instead of using an envelope derived from the input signal level, use a square wave instead, e.g. as long as you have signal the filter is at max position.
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Re: DOD - FX25 Envelope Filter

Postby HullorHell » 20 Nov 2017, 12:38

Hi All,

I've just been given a DOD FX25 pedal from a friend who got in a pickle trying to fix a broken wire and ended up doing a really bad job of rewiring it. I don't understand wiring schematics so I wondered if anyone had any pictures of the guts of this that they could share so I could trace where each wire should be?
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