Onboard Preamp BP-26dB (Works like MXR MicroAmp)

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Onboard Preamp BP-26dB (Works like MXR MicroAmp)

Postby Gandalf_90 » 17 Mar 2018, 20:47


I have for sale Onboard Preamp BP-26dB: http://analogworkshop.freecluster.eu/2018/03/17/preamp-bp-26db-aktywna-elektronika-gitarowa/

I built this preamp based on the MXR MicroAmp, but I wanted to get a miniature onboard preamp.
Assembled, tested, working. You can order it on ebay (link at the bottom) or write here.



Preamp is analog design,
Low noise op-amp on board,
Handmade, high quality, each preamp tested,
Power: 9V battery (the battery is not included),
Adjustable Gain up to 26dB,
A multi-turn potentiometer for precise Gain setting,
High input impedance,
Low noise,
Small size: 30 x 26 x 8.5 mm
Easy installation on guitar,
Included: manual, battery connector, 6.3mm stereo jack (socket), connection wires,
Ability to work with other instruments than guitars.

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