Replacement Vibe Circuit Boards

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Replacement Vibe Circuit Boards

Postby jsrfo » 17 Jul 2018, 01:52

Replacement printed circuit boards for use in Uni-Vibe effect with damaged/de-laminated original boards.

These printed circuit boards are modern replacements, and can be used as an alternative to hand etching a replacement board. They are not meant to replicate the look of the original hand etched boards, but provide an alternative for those not concerned with historical accuracy of their vibe or those wishing to do a DIY project.

They are of the same form and fit as the originals. The trace layout is identical to the original Uni-Vibe board, and are silk screened with parts values from known working schematics and layouts. The boards will allow for the use of either flat or stand up trimmers, and have one extra ground lug.

The boards are professionally made, high quality replacement printed circuit boards for use as a replacement for failed, damaged, or de-laminated original Uni-Vibe circuit boards.

For DIY projects, the boards will produce a working "vibe". I do not provide parts kits for those interested in doing a DIY project. It will take a little self education to produce a working effect, and information can be found performing internet searches.

There are two different circuit board versions available. One has silk screen printing on the top side, which would be visible, to some extent, after the build is completed. The other is silk screened on the bottom, and no part identifiers are visible from the top side, once completed. Please identify your preference when ordering. I have ten of each style. Please see attached photo if interested.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have concerning this item.

Thank you
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