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WTTF Tap Tempo Pedal or some switches & DC jacks

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2017, 06:09
by fldrvr
Looking for a complete simple NO tap tempo switch (like saturnworks style or similar) or:

Looking for at least 2 momentary soft touch NO switches, like these: http://smallbear-electronics.mybigcomme ... oft-touch/ or maybe even these: http://smallbear-electronics.mybigcomme ... tary-spdt/

And 2-3 DC jacks, like these: http://smallbear-electronics.mybigcomme ... 3998475348

I've got:
A non-functional Rocktek CHR-01 Chorus. It worked perfectly fine as a lush chorus until one day it simply stopped passing signal. I believe it may be the switch but frankly I've got my modulation covered. ... c=114126.0

I believe this is related to the Arion SCH-1 but I'm not sure, don't quote me on it. One of you fine folks might have a better idea.

Or, a handful of trimmer pots, 2 combo switch/pots, a collapsible soldering iron holder and 2 boards from computer mice with infrared LEDs/sensors, switches, etc. Have a look:

Got other stuff if this don't float your boat. Thanks!