Electrolabs - Phaser

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Electrolabs - Phaser

Postby analogguru » 11 Jul 2007, 22:11

Ever wondered what is inside the Electrolabs module series ?
Here we go with the:

Electrolabs Phaser

Electrolabs Phaser guts

Electrolabs Phaser schematic from "jaytee"

Hmm.... looks a little bit "Colorsound-ish"....

The above schematic contains errors.
As you can see in the left upper corner of the gut shot there is a Siemens 1µF film capacitor connected between pin 8 and 9 of the Lm 348 used for the LFO.

Also the input stage looks a little bit suspicious. I assume that R1 should be lift off the -input of U1A and connected to U/2 and that C2 should not connect to R1/R5/C4 - instead of this also to U/2.

According to "jaytee" the unit contains 6 stages (only 2 stages drawn) and the transistor used as a LED-Driver is a BC149 (as can also be seen in the gut shot left upper corner).

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