Powering my Univibe clone

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Powering my Univibe clone

Postby pomod » 11 May 2019, 22:46

Hey all, my first post here. I'm just finishing up a univibe clone that I'm pretty chuffed about. It's the most involved build I've done yet and I was impressed it worked pretty much as soon as I fired it up. There are still some tweaks I'd like to do. The intensity and speed knobs are only really making a noticeable difference for the last third of their sweep, I'd like it to be a bit deeper, throbby-er or have more scope. But I can live with it as is. One thing do I need to sort out first though is the power. When I was testing it and dialing it initially I just plugged it into the 18v tap off my dc brick and it seemed to work no problem, but when I plugged the pedal in line with my other pedals I get this ugly oscillating squeal - ("regulator cry" the Forum Vibe's support documentation calls it and explains it's to do with certain power supplies being regulated or non regulated) If I plug the dc Bricks wall adapter (also 18v) directly to the pedal it also works fine. Apparently " many "regulated" multi-power units, power-packs/plug-packs (aka; wall-warts) have regulator cry when used with a vintage vibe circuit. So it seems I can buy another independant 18v wall adaptor just for the vibe, or replace the dc Brick with a different power solution for all my pedals (if I knew which one would work) unless there is another solution anyone may have. I didn't use the rectifier that came with the kit, its to correct for polarity though so not sure if that will help me out. Trial and error and buying various powersupples to see if they get along with the univibe can get expensive. Has any one built this kit or have any suggestion for powering eccentric 18 v pedals?
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