Mullard Tropical Fish Color Chart

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Mullard Tropical Fish Color Chart

Postby juse » 23 Apr 2009, 01:59

Here is a chart I drew for tropical fish caps, because I couldn't find one anywhere. Feel free to use it however you like, just don't modify it, please... hope it helps.


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Re: Mullard Tropical Fish Color Chart

Postby RnFR » 23 Apr 2009, 02:08

good job! looks great.
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Re: Mullard Tropical Fish Color Chart

Postby Greg » 23 Apr 2009, 02:46

Awesome job.. thanks juse.

I've got bags of these so I'm gonna print it and hang it on the workshop wall..
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Re: Mullard Tropical Fish Color Chart

Postby bigmufffuzzwizz » 28 Mar 2011, 05:22

So cool. I wish I could find some of these to identify :)
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Re: Mullard Tropical Fish Color Chart

Postby Hides-His-Eyes » 28 Mar 2011, 14:07

I have a 15n tropical fish.

Just the one :D but I didn't know it was a 15n until I saw your lovely chart so thank you!
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Re: Mullard Tropical Fish Color Chart

Postby DrNomis » 28 Mar 2011, 15:31

Very cool and very useful...cheers.... :thumbsup
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Re: Mullard Tropical Fish Color Chart

Postby Drzeus » 13 May 2011, 00:09

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