Are these wires good for wiring pedals?

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Are these wires good for wiring pedals?

Postby geiristudio » 09 Jan 2013, 21:23 ... p_409.html

I'm in need of lots and lots of wires to make pedals with. I've been experimenting with different gauges but I can't even remember what I liked or disliked. I've seen a lot of people talking about 24 AWG.

Any recommendations welcome!
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Re: Are these wires good for wiring pedals?

Postby PokeyPete » 31 Jan 2013, 21:20

Way back, during the last ice age, when I was a young lad, if you had an interest in electronics you would buy 3 or 4 spools of
22 ga. red, one black, and another color or two....and you would be set to build just about any project from
Popular Electronics, Radio Electronics, or something from another one of the project rags that were popular then. I hadn't
learned about mojo yet, so my first fuzz face was built using 2N2222A's and 22 ga. wire.

The combination of wire gauge and insulation determines the current rating of the wire as well as best use in certain
applications. 22 ga. is a terrific general purpose hobby wire. But, it is stiffer than 24 ga. wire. The vast majority of
pedals that I've built only draw a few milliamps of current, and 24 ga. wire is more than adequate for this.

OK....advise on which wire to buy.....depends on projects you expect to build with it. If you have limited funds then a couple
or three rolls of 22 ga. will go very far. It will allow you to build your pedals. It will wire some small amplifiers. It will allow
you to build some power supples. Generally, it's good for about an amp of current. Now, if you only build pedals, then 24 ga.
wire is a good, cheaper, more flexable way to go.
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