Buy an Elsyn Soldapult & VS Radio Shack poor quality (!)

Ok, you got your soldering iron and nothing is going to hold you back, but you have no clue where to start or what to build. There were others before you with the same questions... read them first.

Buy an Elsyn Soldapult & VS Radio Shack poor quality (!)

Postby Thaxt » 18 Aug 2012, 19:09

I thoroughly recommend new solderers (or disappointed longer DIYers) buy 2 crucial pieces of better quality gear: Get an Elsyn Soldapult & a 35 Watt Weller iron - you wont be as sorry as I was for using RS gear of these types for years to save $. I recommend Steve @ Small Bear Electronics, bought stuff from him since 1999.

Revelation: opening the Elsyn Soldapult package, I saw 3 words that are sheer magic, gearwise: Made in USA

The extra $ is well worth it; the threads on my (2nd) RS Soldavac broke after 3 mos. Opening it up, they had the thinness & consistencey of spun sugar

RS irons might be OK for your very first first forays, but, I 'd recommend getting both am Elsyn Soldapult & a Weller 35 watt iron as soon as you can afford them.
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Re: Buy an Elsyn Soldapult & VS Radio Shack poor quality (!)

Postby CHEEZOR » 20 Aug 2012, 22:42

I still use my Radioshack soldering iron. :oops: I bought it at least 10 years ago though. Its not the best, but I have gotten very used to it. :D
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Re: Buy an Elsyn Soldapult & VS Radio Shack poor quality (!)

Postby DrNomis » 21 Aug 2012, 05:46

It definitely pays to spend the money on good quality soldering/de-soldering equipment, cheap equipment is often a false economy... :thumbsup

I ended up replacing my Dick Smith Electronics 100 Watt Temperature Controlled Station with a Duratech TS-1390 60 Watt station I bought from Jaycar Electronics, reason for the replacement....the 100Watt Station needed a replacement iron and I couldn't source one anywhere.... :thumbsup
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