How do I record a sound sample?

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How do I record a sound sample?

Postby f50jack » 01 Jun 2009, 22:10

I wasn't sure where to post this. Hopefully this is the right area.

I was wondering what the best way to take sound samples of your pedals is without spending a ton of money. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Re: Sound Sample Help

Postby cpm » 08 Jun 2009, 23:09

the same way as you would record your music!

some people go direct to a computer, or a pod or whatever similar device, others use mics and real amps. Either way it can sound great or totally crap...
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Re: Sound Sample Help

Postby Scruffie » 09 Jun 2009, 02:47

For on the go recording I have a creative zen, has a little mono dictaphone on it (do I-Pods have this?) which I find quite useful if I just wanna record a riff i've thought of or just a quick sample of a pedal, it's pretty decent quality for something so small and as only an add on.

Other than that the EMU is quite popular for recording on computers, as is the POD.

A small desk & mic (see behringer) can be picked up very cheaply if you wanna have it always set up or something.

These are just low budget options or simple ideas... into a computer can be ok, theres several guitar to USB products available now, although I haven't tried any of them.
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Re: Sound Sample Help

Postby Grathan » 11 Jun 2009, 02:21

Direct to the computer's mic jack would be the cheapest way. Build a little preamp pedal to boost the signal some. Use Microsoft's Sound recorder to capture the audio.
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