Ross Analog Delay Distorting

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Ross Analog Delay Distorting

Postby Marlowe » 10 Dec 2013, 02:18

First, thank you for allowing me to post here. I hope I have the correct area. If not, would a moderator please remove or correctly place the post.

I have been given a late-70's/early 80's Ross Analog Delay- the black Taiwanese model. It seems to function properly except that the delayed signal is muffled and somewhat distorted (think ring modulator-type distortion). It is all original, and the fellow who gave it to me was a steel guitar player. The large signal steels produce is making me think a chip might be blown.

The delay times from short to long change perfectly. I've adjusted the trim pots inside the unit to no avail, though I seem to have it functioning quite well but for the distorted delay. The dry side of the signal is very good- clear and clean. I'm thinking of replacing the capacitors (there are a few electrolytic, and many 1uF tantalums, just like in MXR pedals from that era).

Would anyone have any ideas as to how best to start? I sent it to a repair shop in Brooklyn, and that was a total waste of time and money. The fellow kept it 6 1/2 weeks to no avail and I don't believe he did anything to the pedal but play through it and put it on a shelf.

Thanks again, Marlowe.
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Re: Ross Analog Delay Distorting

Postby Marlowe2 » 25 Dec 2013, 17:10

Well, I've locked myself out of my account so I'm posting as Marlowe2! :D

I would like to say that my words in the previous post concerning my repairman were thoughtless and unkind. He posts here and my words offended him. I am sorry for my ill-chosen comments. At the time of the post I was overly emotional. Part of the problem with corresponding solely via email during a repair is that one or the other of the parties may not get all the information which the sender intended to convey. At any rate, a silly guitar pedal is hardly worth hurting someone's feelings. I apologize to my repairman and to members of the forum who read the post.

I have been studying St. Francis of Assisi in the past week or so. Perhaps my New Year's resolution will be that the better angels of his nature might come to rest upon my shoulders!

Happy New Year!
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