1776 Multiplex Delay debug/help

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1776 Multiplex Delay debug/help

Postby registracii » 19 Feb 2014, 18:38

hi guys,

I am building a 1776 Multiplex Delay... quite big build, but believe me its worth the effort.
The pedal sounds really good, definitely all I would ever need from a delay pedal.

Now when it works it's great. My problem is that after couple of minutes it goes into screaming frenzy, which seams to be coming from the "second head" delay chip... at least it is effected only by the knob that is controlling the speed of 2nd head.It;s triggered by higher signal on the input - like hitting the strings really hard, if I keep the volume of the guitar low it's fine. once it starts it just goes berserk until the power is cut. if I don't leave it alone for some time it's just starts the noise generation again when turned on.
is that a bad capacitor? where should I start looking into...and any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.
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