Ibanez AW7 Autowah

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Ibanez AW7 Autowah

Postby roseblood11 » 12 Oct 2018, 20:53

I bought an Ibanez AW7 Autowah (tone lok series) today. A very versatile pedal, but with two problems:

- the range of the sensitivity pot seems to be made for very hot pickups. With a strat, I have to hit the strings very hard or use a booster, even if the pot is fully clockwise. How can I modify the circuit for a more usable range?

- the distortion isn't bad, but it's a little dull sounding. How can I get a little more treble? I think there's enough space to add a 9mm pot... It looks like a gyrator for tone shaping, but it's a fixed setting. How can I make it a bit more flexible?
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