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by miketbass
26 Jul 2018, 07:43
Forum: Modern Stompbox Effects (1975 - ...)
Topic: Maxon - AD900 Analog Delay [schematic]
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Re: Maxon - AD900 Analog Delay [schematic]

Sorry to bump a necro thread, but instead of creating a new one I figured I'd post here. I am looking for the calibration procedure for the AD 900 and it appears it may have been uploaded to Dropbox at one time. Does anyone have the calibration for this unit they could share?
by miketbass
20 Jan 2018, 09:56
Forum: Pimp-My-Cheap-Pedal
Topic: Ibanez SML/MS10/SM9 mods
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Ibanez SML/MS10/SM9 mods

Hello all I figured I would share some of my mods for the "Super Metal" Ibanez series pedals. I have worked from the schematic posted here: I had an Ibanez SM 9 many moons ago which was sadly stolen, and recently revived an Ib...