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by makkoka
26 May 2009, 10:38
Forum: Modern Stompbox Effects (1975 - ...)
Topic: Washburn - A-D3 Stack In A Box - [Locobox] [schematic]
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Re: A-D3 "Stack In A Box" (unknown maker) [schematic]

I have one SIAB. I traded my TS-9 in the 80s for this... never used it. It is still in the original box.
by makkoka
28 Jul 2007, 08:32
Forum: DIY Stompbox designs
Topic: Dan Armstrong Schem Site
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Site was accessible this morning. All schemas saved.
by makkoka
24 Jul 2007, 16:09
Forum: Boutique Stompboxes dissected...
Topic: Fulltone - Fulldrive-2
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Schematic, layout, pcb, wiring all can be found from here:
by makkoka
14 Jul 2007, 18:05
Forum: Boutique Stompboxes dissected...
Topic: RMC - Wizard Wah (Geoffrey Teese)
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The site Ed G. mentioned in his post is in my native language (Finnish) and below is the same text in English. "Some commonly used transistor in Wahs are "5117" or 2N2925 (Thomas Organ), 2N3900A ja 2N2924 (taken from the original CryBaby patent), 2N5172 (Vox V846), BC109 (RMC1, Clyde McCoy), BC173 (...