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by asfastasdark
06 Sep 2008, 23:24
Forum: Parts Sourcing & Trading
Topic: where to get vero board
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Re: where to get vero board

They are being sold for $2.50 in the store.
by asfastasdark
28 Aug 2008, 21:36
Forum: Boutique Stompboxes dissected...
Topic: ISP - Decimator [traced]
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Re: ISP - Decimator [traced]

Very orderly, and awesome at that, gut shot, had expected the traces to be much closer together! I might try to do a layout on this tomorrow if no one has done it yet by then (or the day after, or the day after that, because I suppose this will take some time to do), but not now because I have to do...
by asfastasdark
27 Aug 2008, 22:44
Forum: Veroboard, Perfboard, PCB & Point-to-Point
Topic: [Tips and Tricks] PCB routing
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Re: PCB routing tips and tricks

Danielzink, thanks for referring me to that. I'd been looking for that program for quite a while and just downloaded it, and it's so much fun to use! :)
by asfastasdark
27 Aug 2008, 05:16
Forum: Stuff Seen for Sale
Topic: Dallas Rangemaster for only $5.111,--
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Re: Dallas Rangemaster for only $5.111,--

That's a really cool find, not necessarily that insane price, but that he includes gut shots of what a crappy wiring job it was, and that pot looks so funny! I've never seen one like that before... were all the really old pots like that?
by asfastasdark
25 Aug 2008, 22:50
Forum: Ready-To-Build Effect Projects
Topic: Four Boosts in One Box
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Re: Four Boosts in One Box

Could we get sound clips of all four (three?) together, I might be interested in building one of these. I've always really liked the idea of combining a couple of pedals in one box and using the combination of their sounds as an advantage, and with four boosts it's gotta be a pretty huge boost! :app...
by asfastasdark
25 Aug 2008, 22:11
Forum: Ready-To-Build Effect Projects
Topic: Electret microphone for acoustic guitars
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Re: [wtb] schematic diy preamp for piezo

5) Stuff it inside the guitar, through the sound hole. The mic wire can pass through the soundhole if you don't want to drill the guitar for a jack. You can rotate the ring to change mic position. How would one stuff that inside a guitar, if the outer radius is larger than the sound hole itself? :h...