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by MarkL
13 Dec 2018, 14:55
Forum: Boutique Stompboxes dissected...
Topic: Zvex - Fuzz Factory [traced]
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Re: Zvex - Fuzz Factory [traced]

I think I found the problem, and it has to do with the hFE of one of the transistors. more to follow. [ Image ] Hey -- I "get" the joke (Anne Frank/Frank Zappa), but really, please reconsider making light of an innocent 14 year Jewish old girl's death at the hand of the Nazis. Frank would certainly...
by MarkL
15 Apr 2017, 15:35
Forum: Boutique Stompboxes dissected...
Topic: D*A*M - BUZZOTRON [traced]
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Re: D*A*M - BUZZOTRON [traced]

Can anybody explain why the 4.7uF off of Q2 was reduced to 2.2uF?
by MarkL
13 Jun 2013, 23:04
Forum: Ready-To-Build Effect Projects
Topic: roseblood11: Rose Screamer
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Re: roseblood11: Rose Screamer

As per an earlier private conversation I had with someone...what does everyone think of using a 4580 op-amp in the FIRST op-amp position here as well? What are the benefits or detriments of this approach??