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by Chuck D. Bones
28 Apr 2019, 06:51
Forum: Modern Stompbox Effects (1975 - ...)
Topic: The great "I'd like to see the guts of" thread
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Re: The great "I'd like to see the guts of" thread

It's a DPDT (SW1.1 and SW1.2) on/off/on switch. So in a middle position C7 is disconnected. T. I see something that looks wrong. IC1.2 is supposed to be a mid-boost stage, but R30 is so large that the mid bump is barely 1dB. R30 is at least an order of magnitude too large. I'm guessing R30 is more ...
by Chuck D. Bones
04 Oct 2018, 19:31
Forum: Boutique Stompboxes dissected...
Topic: Function f(x) Clusterfuzz [traced]
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Re: Function f(x) Clusterfuzz [traced]

Hi, A quick intro and a couple of questions / comments on the ClusterFuzz for the group. My name's Dave, nickname Chuck, I live in L. A. I'm a retired EE who has been building & modding pedals (mostly for myself) for longer than I'd care to admit. This group has been a great resource to me. 1st ques...