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by Greg
08 Nov 2007, 11:12
Forum: Boutique Stompboxes dissected...
Topic: Paul Cochrane - Timmy [traced]
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Another thing about the Tim and Timmy is that the finish and quality of the build is as good or better than most the $300+ pedals.
They are one of the biggest bargains in the Booteek world !
by Greg
06 Nov 2007, 12:18
Forum: Boutique Stompboxes dissected...
Topic: Lovepedal - Woodrow ("cranked 5E3 tweed tone"?)
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Yup, the COT50 Bias crackles. The Woodrow was one of his earliest pedals called a Woody. I think he was compelled to stop using the "Woody" name by Seymour Duncan, who have a pickup called that. The soundclip for the Woodrow is still the original Woody clip. I think it's a variation on the...