EHX - Polyphonic Octave Generator (POG)  [schematic]

All about modern commercial stompbox circuits from Electro Harmonix over MXR, Boss and Ibanez into the nineties.
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Post by mortad »

Hi, I need the PCB Schematic of the MICRO POG.
Anyone knows where to find it?

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Post by friedtransistor »

Hey, I know this is off topic, but I am working on an octave generator, if you want to check it out... ... 28&t=23069
I am still working on getting rid of the beeping, but it does produce an octave down...
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Post by pinkjimiphoton »

you may be able to still find some o this stuff thru here ... index.html
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Post by Arnostuck »

Hi guys !
This old problem with POG v1, the "Always ON" syndrome or "Always bypass" problem, was reported but never solved.
I decided to experiment with sig gen and oscillo on my POG 1 and my problems came from Reset lines :

You can read my subject on that :

Maybe you can help me finding the origin of the problem,

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Post by puppiesonacid »

looks like i missed the party haha. the PoG schematic is chock full of expansions omitted from production. 2 preset stomps, 3 additional 3 way toggle switches, midi, internal memory. the foundations for the HOG are present (if not actually all there).

You have to give it to EHX, all the omissions are clear product line decisions being excluded to upsell and develop more product lines.

were the other treasures of the EHX trove posted in separate threads?

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Post by soulsonic »

goodness gracious, such meaningless banter in this thread. :lol:
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Post by puppiesonacid »

I have a broken one on the way i pickup off reverb for about $90. I'm 99% sure its just a couple wires to the I/O and fixing a trace. seller said "his tech" was trying to mod for expression pedal control. i have no idea why they would cut the trace to the 18v power supply line in order to attempt this.

I'm curious since the preset switches and extra toggles on the schematic were NOT labelled "omit from production" if simply putting the parts in will expand the control set. Also curious if the two empty sliders slots were installed if extra sounds lay just below the surface. There also seems to be stereo I/O's that could be built out, or maybe one is an effects loop??? can't tell 100% from the schematic.

but im getting ahead of myself. Need to see if i can get it up and running first. Interested to know anyones thoughts on my "theory" of operation based on whats observed in the schematic.

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