Harp Attack – Lone Wolf Blues Company (overdrive for harmonica)

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hello guys, i'm looking for an overdrive for harmonica, which pedals have you tested?
Does anyone have this pedal or know which model it's based on?
Lone Wolf Blues Co Harp Attack pedal

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Post by Cub »

Some years ago, a mate asked me if I could clone the other Lone Wolf harmonica pedal: REQ: Lone Wolf Harp Break Distortion.
In that thread, our forum brother mozwell was very generous to share a highly modified version of the Professor Tweed project from runoffgroove.com

I gladly would have build that, but my mate was in a rush and bought a Harley Benton American TrueTone instead for the first couple of gigs ahead. But it turned out to be such a nice pedal for harmonica, there was no need for him to look for something else. It goes straight into the PA at larger gigs or in the keyboard amp for the smaller ones.
There are several videos on YouTube demonstrating this pedal with harmonica.

Good luck !
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