The great "I'd like to see the guts of" thread

All about modern commercial stompbox circuits from Electro Harmonix over MXR, Boss and Ibanez into the nineties.
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Post by Manfred »

Why does the EDIT-Button not work?

I see now, it works together with the resistor switching by S1.1.

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Post by temol »

Manfred wrote:I see now, it works together with the resistor switching by S1.1.
Exactly :)


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Post by Chuck D. Bones »

temol wrote:It's a DPDT (SW1.1 and SW1.2) on/off/on switch. So in a middle position C7 is disconnected.

I see something that looks wrong. IC1.2 is supposed to be a mid-boost stage, but R30 is so large that the mid bump is barely 1dB. R30 is at least an order of magnitude too large. I'm guessing R30 is more likely 10K. The Sanguine has the same problem. Has anyone actually measured these resistors? I know surface mount resistors are hard to decode sometimes.

- Chuck

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EHX Cockfight pl0s?

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Would love to see the inside of a Gamechanger Plasma Pedal

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Post by Tomrcarre »

If anyone has it I'd love to have a look inside the lovepedal mkIII, supposedly a take on a tonebender MKI with silicon transistors. I'd love to see how they alter the circuit to get it to perform consistently!

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