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All about modern commercial stompbox circuits from Electro Harmonix over MXR, Boss and Ibanez into the nineties.
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soooo cute and tiny.. makes all my 1590a pedals look like whales.

prolly zero chance of anyone tracing it, but I've take gutshots to show the majesty of the engineering.

review? well initially I hooked up an external battery (Specs say it only draws 37mv so should have been sweet) but in retrospect it may have been a lil undervoltage (bit dead)... so when I started it off I heard my guitar but as soon as I engaged it all I got was a click noise then it repeated that constantly. de-powered it and the problem persisted once I started it again and even on a proper PSU it made the ticking noise.. uh-oh.
I left it off for 15 mins then put it into a PSU again and it kicked off perfectly. it's surprisingly simple to use.. I quite like it (much more than my vox vdl01)...will see what I can do with it I guess. for <US$100 it's a pretty damn good buy IMO.

4 layers of PCB.. they've engineered the crap out of this wrt space usage!

size comparison with a marshall reflector (which isn't exactly a giant pedal itself) video.

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