Guyatone PS-015 Sonics Overdrive - gutshots / tracing

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I've been sitting on this a long time planning to get around to tracing it myself, but since I've never done any circuit tracing before and other things keep getting in the way there's a chance it might become one of the things I regret never doing on my deathbed. So, I thought I'd share what I have for anyone else that fancies a go. Basically, ever since I saw a picture of it I'd been obsessed with this distortion pretty much just because it's Japanese, has a pink label and the word 'Sonics' printed on it.
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Long story short, about a year ago I bought one. I couldn't really afford that and my drinking habit though, so I ended up selling it about a month later. In all honesty, I found it a little underwhelming - I'd hoped it was going to give me something unexpected and magical, but instead I guess it's sort of like a Timmy with separate Bass and Treble controls. It looked a lot cooler than it sounded for what I wanted at the time.

That said, I did take a whole bunch of photos before moving it on. Maybe some of you can make use of them?*

* This is why I've never had a job in sales
ps015 case.jpg
ps015 top.jpg
ps015 trace.jpg
ps015 traces smaller.jpg
sonics labelling.jpg

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