Korg - 105OD Classic Overdrive  [schematic]

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Post by Bernardduur »

I really enjoy this pedal! I have it now for some years and I'm drawn to the sound, the ease of use and the way you can store 2 presets very easily.
It has a really big range with the boost switch and the hi / lo switch.

By idea, this pedal is a very early DSP Pedal..... so very little to mod or adjust. Even the switches on the back do alter something in the DSP section

(and I think all pedals from this range have the same PCB, just a different program running)

On guitar it is quite OK (only downside is it doesn't stack that well with other pedals),
on bass I LOVE the sound and touches (but the downside is that the tone knob doesn't go low enough)

So I tried to trace a bit and yes, this pedal is very hard to trace; double side PCB, only SMD, etc

But I managed to trace part of the input, a small section of the bypass path and the output section after the AD DA converter; now you can add some extra tone options :)

Korg - 105OD.JPG
(I tried very hard to find ANY information on this pedal, but very little can be found! I've seen the JHS video on these pedals and noticed he had the same problem). (I don't agree on the JHS opinion on this pedal)
(KORG also couldn't help me with it.......)
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