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I quite like mine also, I bought it on a whim and wasn’t sure it made any difference until I took it out of the signal chain.

After the noise fiasco I was concerned with reliability so I built a clone using one of those cheap high voltage boost converters off eBay, so I could just run it off a 12v dc wall wart. 12v dc for the heaters, and for the boost converter to convert to the required ~350v dc for the tube plates.

It worked (albeit noisy, maybe the power supply or maybe the boost converter to blame), for about 10 minutes until one of the filter caps on the boost converter blew up.

Never got around to fixing it since I fixed the real Valvulator. Might give the boost converter a try again, otherwise maybe a small 9 volt or 12 volt ac transformer wired backwards and some diodes and filter caps.
I got a bunch of smoke pouring out of that cap, smelled terrible.

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