DO NOT post requests or debugging in this forum. please.

All about modern commercial stompbox circuits from Electro Harmonix over MXR, Boss and Ibanez into the nineties.

DO NOT post requests or debugging in this forum. please.

Postby culturejam » 22 Nov 2009, 22:18

Pretty please, with sugar on top.

Don't post in this forum asking is there is a schematic or layout or info on XXX pedal.

There is a subforum setup for requests already. It is located here:

Any requests posted here will be moved to proper sub forum, and I'll also make nasty remarks about your mother. :mrgreen:

also, if you have a problem with your build, post it in the WORKBENCH. these threads are for circuit analysis only. by all means, if you discover something we should know, post away after you have it figured out. but, if it is a simple debugging, keep it in the 'bench. thank you.
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Re: DO NOT post requests in this forum. Pretty please.

Postby lolbou » 22 Nov 2009, 22:23

And if your request is fullfilled, then we'll be happy to move it back where it belongs...
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