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Post by skylark44 »

That's great, I'm glad you were successful (and that you liked the difference it made)...mine sounded good, when new too...but it's so much better sounding now :wink: . Also...I widened the larger end of the "triangle" as well...although, it didn't improve the sound as much as lengthening it did. You can also slightly lengthen the other (larger) "triangle", to make the wah turn on the second your foot's on the doesn't take much of an increase, to make that mod work (so just shave off a very small amount). :mrgreen:

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Post by motociclante »

Thank you all for this useful post.
I've to say my story:
I bought an HB1 few years ago. Second hand.
Once I tested it I thought it was a cheap unit and maybe I wasn't able to use it fine.

Few days ago I bought a Dunlop Crybaby for a friend of mine and once tested it...I found it very nice and fully working compared to my Hellbabe.
Reading some posts on internet I make out that was my unit that was faulty so, I've found this post, I've opend my pedal and I've found that the LED and the photoresistor wasn't perfectly in line, facing each other.
So, I've putted them almost 100% alined and closed the enclosuer for a speed test: 100% working, not better just WORKING.

Thank you all.
Now, next step will be try to set even better the components alinements and try to test other LEDs (brighter, maybe).

Thank again.
Behringer Hell Babe Schematic
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Post by guibz »

So someone can help me?
I want to mod my hell babe to make it true bypass, really. What should i change inside? and someone changed the componments for the frequence response?
Sorry for my mistakes i'm french

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Post by Paul_5 »

BAMF wrote:I wonder what will happen if we replace L1 with a Fasel inductor ? Hmmm...anyone thought about that and tried it already ? :-D
Using the formula for calculating the frequency f = 1/2π(√LC) where C is an 8.2 nf cap, and the Fasel inductor is 510mH then I get the frequency to be 2461Hz.

It's already been mentioned that the standard frequency of the Behringer is 1859Hz, and the Crybaby is 2292Hz, so the 'pedal down' resonant peak will be higher, and probably a bit more 'biting', particularly with the 6 position switch in its most trebly setting.

Some folks might ,like this.

I might experiment with this, though I paid more for my Fasel than I did for my Hellbabe...
The sounds in my head don't match the sounds from my amp, I guess that's why I'm here...

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