Boss DF-2 Super Feedbacker and Distortion Mods?

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Hey all, I'm new to the modding game and slowly getting my head around schematics and such. As I understand it, the DF-2 pretty much has the same distortion circuit as the DS-1, though given it's fitted alongside the feedbacker, the schematic to an amature is decidedly more difficult to figure out. Now, following it I can kind of see how the distortion's the same, but I'm not so sure on how to perform DS-1 mods on it without possibly bricking the whole thing.

Mostly I like the big fuzzy mods that have been done on the DS-1, and I've seen some DF-2 mods that do even wilder fuzzy mods that gets super noisey and messy which sounds fun.

Anyhow, anyone got any suggestions on modding a DF-2?

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Hello! I'd say buy a handful of parts and build a DS-1 from scratch, you'll learn more that way. Even better, get a breadboard so you can easily try out "mods". If you leave out the buffers and switching it's a simple schematic and ElectroSmash has a nice breakdown on how it works:
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