Baja BBE Sonic Stomp  [verified]

Original effect designs complete with verified schematics, layouts and instructions. All project were freely contributed by members and cannot be used for commercial purposes without consent of the respective owners of the copyright.
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snk wrote: 01 Sep 2020, 20:51
PaulBass wrote: 30 Dec 2010, 09:39 Finally finished it and it sounds GREAT! changed C2 input cap to 4u7 to make it better for bass. put in a pot + res in R15 for a mid boost/cut. put in a pot + res for R17 for a gain boost/cut. put in switches + caps for C4 & C5 to select different values. substituted all the TL chips for LT's. success! [smilie=rlp_smilie_242.gif]
I should be building the Sonic stomp soon, and i am wondering where did you get the C2/C4/C5/... labelling ? I have browsed the thread, but i see only scheamtics and layouts with components values (4.7µF, etc), but not labelling (C2, etc)...
So how do you know which capacitor is C4, for instance?
I built from this layout
Sonic.jpg (72.28 KiB) Viewed 183 times

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