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Stompboxes and Pedals

Posted: 01 Jul 2020, 22:45
by Mellotron Man
Before I divulge some possible useful information, I have to get something off my chest!
I define a "Stompbox" as a sound effect unit that is actuated solely by a footswitch, even if it is under a pedal of any size and/or shape.
A "Pedal" is a foot control that actuates a pot(entiometer), e.g. a wah-wah or swell.
Anyway, after years of searching, I've found a source of 'empty' foot-pedal units. They have ALL the mechanics/parts, except for the pot. Check out... I bought 6 of them in November last year and they are substantial beasts! They're made from Die-Cast Aluminium and use a Rack & Pinion mechanism to actuate the pot. After paying for shipping (to Scotland), then paying over £15 import duty, they worked out at about £21 each, which was less than I anticipated. The price quoted at the time of writing is $17 (and they've got nearly 900 of them) - I bought them when they were $23! They also do a discount if you buy 10 or more of them. I can recommend them.
Hope this helps.

Re: Stompboxes and Pedals

Posted: 02 Jul 2020, 07:35
by plush

Daier makes very shitty "pedals", which break very fast, since they are made from shitty alloy with lots of imperfections and inner cavities.
They are ok for diy stuff/personal use, but not for serious projects and/or selling.