Looking for YY or slanted pedalenclosures.com enclosures

Looking for a particular component or hardware part and you just cannot find it? Got comoonents surplus and want to get rid of it? Post it all here... No sales of working pedals, put these in the 'Seen for sale' section please.
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Post by agoldoor »

I'm SO sad that there aren't going to be any more pedalenclosures enclosures...

Does anyone have any undrilled YY's or slanted enclosures they might want to sell?

Let me know,

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Post by guiltless »

I would love to know as well. I wish I would have known in November when I placed my order with pedalenclosures.com I can't reach them and they still have my $$.

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Post by limit06 »

Oh no! When was this announced? I had placed and order in October and still haven't gotten any email responses back or received my order.

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Post by audiohub »

Is this for real?
I just placed an order for a Prism enclosure a few weeks ago and got an automated order confirmation and order number back, but so far no enclosure has shown up, and no reply from inquiry emails. I came here to see if there was any info, and found this...
I hope it's not true, got a YY enclosure last year, and was very pleased with the price and quality.

"I want to GO to there..."

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