3PDT footswitch quality gone down

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3PDT footswitch quality gone down

Postby vvv » 13 Mar 2016, 13:46

I´ve been buying from Ebay and Tayda all my footswitches for some years now but for some reason the quality of those ~1,5€ footswitches has gone very low. Very loose click and feel + often you get an already damaged one. I´ve ordered them from tens of sellers but they all seem to come from same factory. If I only knew if there was some supplier with those good-old tight switches still left I would fill my stocks as long as they are still available. Also Tayda switches used to be much better before but now they are the same as all the cheapest Ebay stuff. Ofcourse many Ebay sellers are selling footswitches for double price, don´t know if they are different switches or not.
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