FS: Pedal Projects and Misc. Parts (Boss DC-2 inside...)

Looking for a particular component or hardware part and you just cannot find it? Got comoonents surplus and want to get rid of it? Post it all here... No sales of working pedals, put these in the 'Seen for sale' section please.

FS: Pedal Projects and Misc. Parts (Boss DC-2 inside...)

Postby bubstance » 07 Aug 2016, 22:21

Hey all, figured I'd put these out for all you guys to see. I'll never get around to doing anything with them, maybe you'll find some use instead. Lookin' to get maybe $100 for the lot? Send me an offer. Paypal preferred, gift is always a bonus, but not a requirement.


- Idiotbox Blower Box project
Just needs to be wired up, comes with enclosure, knobs, 3PDT, pots and a loaded vero from the thread.

- ProCo Roadkill project
Everything but the footswitch is here that made up the pedal, but the board has been modded (cut traces) to remove the FET switching and marked for clarity.

- Boss DC-2 project
Complete loaded original DC-2 board.

- Misc. Boss parts
Including a CE-3 enclosure (no screws), 2 bottom plates, (×7) 1/4" jacks, (×2) footswitches, battery snap and a DC jack.

- Two (2) BA6110 VCAs

- Four (4) LF353N op-amps

- A hell of a lot of knobs
Too many to go through, various sizes/colors/shaft styles.

I'll throw in the bag of guitar parts (tuners and saddles from a Peavey T-60) and the extra enclosure as a bonus. The enclosure is drilled with 4 holes for in/out jacks.

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