WANTED: Electro Harmonix enclosures!

Looking for a particular component or hardware part and you just cannot find it? Got comoonents surplus and want to get rid of it? Post it all here... No sales of working pedals, put these in the 'Seen for sale' section please.

WANTED: Electro Harmonix enclosures!

Postby ianb3432 » 07 Oct 2016, 16:38

I have a few builds I'm working on, and I'm sick of the limited space in the 150 enclosures and the generic look of them. I'm pretty comfortable with EHX enclosures, and since most of my collection is stuff in the Big Muff size box I wouldn't mind having a couple more of those. If anyone has any empty or non working EHX pedals in either the big or small aluminum enclosures they're willing to sell, that would be awesome! I have a bunch of stuff I'd be willing to trade as well if there's something you're looking for specifically. I saw the older thread on here with someone making repro enclosures for the Big Muff, but its a bit older so I'm not sure if he's still doing it. If anyone has any info on that, that would be appreciated as well. Thanks!
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