LDR for Morley wah

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Morley PSW Pro Series Wah schematic calls for an LDR with 150-250 ohm LUX resistance. These do not seem to be very easy to source, other than as Morley M79-211564-000 spare part from various places. Far too much time wasted trawling the web has turned up what looks like a suitable alternative (or possibly actual source) - NSL-6112 by Luna Optoelectronics. 170 ohms on, >1.3M off - which seems relatively easy to get hold of (digikey etc);
http://lunainc.com/wp-content/uploads/2 ... L-6112.pdf

Reason for me looking was an old PSW which I have not used for a *long* time which sounded terrible when I dug it out of storage - limited sweep, no depth. Having played with it some more, I think I just remembered it being better than it is - it's working OK & I just don't like it anymore. From the schematic, output impedance seems pretty high, so it's possible it's just the amp I have now (Hotone Heart Attack) loads it more than the one I had then (Marshall Valvestate).

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