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Custom Wound Inductors

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2018, 09:34
by FloPoeKo
Hi everyone,

I don´t know if this is of interest to anyone or ok to post, but I thought I´d give it a shot:

For about three years I´ve been into winding inductor-coils for Wah-Wah-Pedals, mostly for private research and having something for the occasional mod I´m doing. I´ve come to a point where this shows some serious, useable and consistent results.
Since ferrite cores/bobbins have stacked up in my rack to a substantial stash I thought I might offer my inductors here (if that is ok for the forum).
Having in addition to the theoretical issues of coil-winding worked on a lot of real-world issues, for one thing I can wind coils to spec with a tolerance of less than 2% in the Inductance (say ±10mH for 520mH intended value) and about 10% in DC-Resistance (±2Ω for 18Ω of intended value).
Although I mainly use RM6 and the standard 18x11, 14x11 and 11x7 Cores, I´ve developed a little mounting-pcb that can accommodate most pinouts of current and past wah-models, but the whole endeavor is not limited to this type of pedal. If I know the footprint, pinout, inductance and DC-resistance needed, I think I can produce coils for almost any application and specification, one-offs and even small series for builders. I´ve attached a few pics...
If anyone is interested in such things, please send me a p.m. or drop me a question below...

Quick edit: Over all the technical stuff I totally forgot to mention that, yes, they actually sound pretty good, too. :roll: