Mosrite - Fuzzrite  [schematic]

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I've been looking for a good layout diagram for a Mosrite Fuzzrite. My head is spinning a bit as I've found many different versions online. Does someone have a schematic and layout diagram of the real Mosrite Fuzzrite? It's probably in this thread, but i'm not sure.


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Hallo, regarding layouts you should find everithing you need on the first page.
For the schematic just google "mosrite fuzzrite schematic" and you should find it, both silicon and germanium.

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Hi, everyone. I just wanted to say I switched out my silicon fuzzrite for the germanium version. It has a much nastier sound, but doesn't clean up as much as the silicon version. This is the fuzzrite tone! Nothing else comes close.I can now pull of any Iron Butterfly riff with every bit of crackling nastiness as the original. Adding a decent amount of reverb really makes it sound incredible. If you want the Iron Butterfly tone, build the germanium version. It also does a good Doors tone if you back the guitar volume down to about 8.

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I built my own Silicon version of the Fuzzrite, but uses a 0.0068 for the out cap of the first stage instead of the stock 0.0022. I used plastic-case 2N2222, I don't remember if I chose them for any particular gain. I used a 500K pot for the fuzz/balance/tone control and a 50K pot for volume.

I've never played a real Fuzzrite to compare with my homemade one, but WOW, this thing is crazy! No doubt all the weird behavior is due to the Fuzzrite's out-of-phase stage mixing. Some notes are louder and/or bassier, others seem to almost fade out or degerate into super thin fizziness. First sweet spot on the fuzz knob is around 9 or 10 o'clock, nice fat OD sound with the second stage fuzz layered on top. The middle third on the fuzz control isn't very useful, there's a lot of volume drop (due to phase cancellation no doubt) and the tone is pretty thin. There's another 'sweet spot' around 2 or 3 o'clock where it's the classic buzzy, fizzy, super treble fuzz, beyond that the treble screech is almost unbearable.

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