Any Kevin O'Conner books on PDF??

Tube or solid-state, this section goes to eleven!
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Im always happy to buy or trade it for other books with you

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bro, if you want it, i'll send it to ya for what i paid for it if ya want. ... EBIDX%3AIT

$13.50. shoot me a pm if ya want.
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i have a personal copy of TUT1/2/3/5
I could give one of these in pdf format in exchange of one book i can't buy anywhere if not at crazy prices:
it is "Audio ic opamp applications" 3rd edition by Walt Jung.
It should be fairly easy to get it used at a fair price in the US,so anybody interested....

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Many of the subjects are just touched upon, whereas O´Connor really goes into them.
Yes , he spends pages telling you about all kinds of things you shouldn't do and after about 5 pages you get to the schematic that really works well. I don't find that an approach I like.

I have 5 of his books and they were really informative for me but I must say Merlin Blencowe's books are much better for me. A more practical way of dealing with amp designs.

I built a detuned cabinet for a 12 inch Electrovoice speaker and I like it very much but it's too big to get out of my attic.

Kevin's book Principles of Tone I consider worthless for my purposes and can't recommend it.
And what I find missing in his first books is a layout for his ampdesigns.
I used his London Power standard preamp and like it but because of the missing layout the distortion channel in my build is not good because it suffers from oscillation and I don't want to take the amp apart
as the clean channel is very good and totally quiet.


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Post by JohnBlakeArnold »

Having paid over 600$ for Kevin's 11 books, I am not going to share on pdf as if it were the 3rd Real Book.....

I also have both of Merlin's, and he has another coming out in 2016.

As stated, both reinforce each other because there is no guessing-- each has appropriate, mathematically accurate electrical formulas for designing and biasing tubes of any types.

The statements concerning Kevin's transistorization in later books and marketing are not accurate in my opinion, and the circuits necessary to control voltage to the output tube and screens may have been the very answer you were looking for. Current limiters, filtered DC power, raised heaters aren't unique, but the info IS in the cited section-- even if it is his own book.

Impedence and Cathode load values determine a lot of tone, but a well designed Bright switch or Presence WILL have sonic payoffs. For those wishing smaller amps, voltage limiting allows output tube distortion at low decimal levels~ an SE parallel super champ at low volumes with a lot of even harmonics may have been what you wanted.

Is 45 lbs. For a small combo too much?

For some it is: I know several musicians who got hernias and had to have operations due to amp lifting.

I believe each author incorporates concepts and practical examples that the beginner, journeyman, and master can use in their own designs over an entire career, especially if one embarks on synthesis.

Don't forget the Trainwreck Pages, Paul Ruby's insights, Gerald Weber (the earliest and most accessible exponant of amp repair and modification) and others whose designs follow logical standards.

Finally, I have never had any problems with anyone at TUTS, and my products were received in under two weeks from northern Canada. I would absolutely buy all the books again.

I'm happy with everything from each of the builders named.

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Post by tip142 »

Not always we have money,but also have interest to learn.........

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