Fender Mini 57 tweed twin

Tube or solid-state, this section goes to eleven!
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Hey, guys so i thought i need a battery amp to throw in my pedalboard/guitar case so that i can jam in a pub on my way home from the studio and i really wanted the mini tweed thing as it's actually wooden and looks really cute as a shelf object.

I'm planning on improving the tone.
I got myself a 3x5" vintage oval alnico speaker that I'll put into the cab and I'll probably convert it to be open backed to get a little less of the can of bees tone, but I'm wondering about what can be done with the tone stack. I want to make it clip much less but get more of a tube breakup sound and I'm not sure if putting red LEDs into the clipping cirquit won't cause the recovery to be too shrill. I'd also love to change the tone control a little bit to get more of the slightly scooped high mids, more low mids and cut out some of the shrill treble. So that's why I'm asking for advice :)
Thanks a lot!

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