Gaussmarkov Eagle and LTspice tutorials

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Post by ghiromax »

I read Gaussmarkov Eagle and LTSpice tutorials were great but the links are dead.

Did anybody saved them or is willing to share a working link ?

Hoping someone can help me out.


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Post by kingmafw »


Probably there is a snapshot made.
it is mei sizzen net to dwaen

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Post by alexradium »

I could see some with way back machine

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Post by ghiromax »

Got them via Wayback machine :-)

THANKS A LOT guys !!!

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Post by modman »

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Post by The G »

And in case Wayback Machine runs out of fuel, here you are: Freestompboxes Museum:

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Post by aionios »

Don't use the gaussmarkov Eagle libraries... they're super outdated and not very well designed by today's standards. They were a game-changer when they first came out, the first pedal-friendly set of libraries for Eagle, but they don't hold up well in 2020.

His tutorials aren't great either - for example, restringing is the absolute wrong solution to any problem.

I got started on these libraries back in the day and since that time I've updated nearly every aspect of them - pad sizes, outlines, and pin numbers (for some reason many of his transistor packages are numbered in reverse to convention and this caused me to wreck a few boards early on). And I had to intentionally forget most of what I learned in his tutorials.

if you're just getting started, I'd recommend using Madbean's libraries - ... ic=25194.0

For tutorials, there are a lot on YouTube that have been made by people in our community. Here's a good series by Effects Layouts from last month, so it's hot out of the oven -

That's going to get you a lot farther than some 15-year-old resources, as influential as they were at the time.

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