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Digital tools for electronic work: software for pcb design, schematic drawing, circuit simulation, parts inventory tools, ...
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Post by Grendahl »

Stupid name, cool software.

It allows 3D sketchup of pretty much anything you want... from a couch in your living room to a populated stompbox board.
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Post by .Mike »

Yup, excellent software.

For pedal building, I've used it to design drilling templates and to make sure components will fit in the enclosure. Works great.

I've also used it to design an angled mixer rack, an isolation cabinet, an 8x12 shed that I built last year, an electrical circuit diagram of my house, and a near perfect mock-up of my entire house.

I have also uploaded conversion of common Hammond boxes to the Sketchup warehouse.

I'm pretty proficient with it, so if anyone has any questions, fire away. :)

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Post by Hides-His-Eyes »

I used your hammond models when I last had a go with it. :)
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