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Post by soggybag »

Can anyone post some pointers on using the Autorouting tool in Eagle? Seems this could be a time saver. I have it working and it makes a great two sided board. As a DIYer a singled sided board is what I really want, which seems trickier to created with the Autorouter.

I just noticed that the Autorouter seems to be working in the latest copy of Eagle. It didn't work in the older free version of Eagle.

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Post by Hides-His-Eyes »

You just make the layer cost 1 in the autorouter menu. And set preferred direction to N/A I guess?
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Post by DeanM »

Hides-His-Eyes wrote:You just make the layer cost 1 in the autorouter menu. And set preferred direction to N/A I guess?
What does the * mean? I just installed eagle TONIGHT! lol and having manually routed a board i decide to check out hte autoroute. when i set it to the * for top layer it only used a few short and straight traces so is it fair to assume this means top is set to jumper layer? N/A wouldnt route because it was a microprocessor board and had too much goin on for just a single layer. Its just a guess that * is for jumper layers cos having only installed it this eve i haven't read over any of the manuals etc.

I have to say...it's a very cool piece of software! Its very easy to use! I learnt enough in an hour or two this evening to be able to pick a schematic and do a PCB in eagle! Really liked it!

PS: I'm used to using OrCad in college.

EDIT: quickly looked at the manual. for direction, * means none. :slap:

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