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Post by Marianoo94 »

Hi! I have a problem with the "Circuit Wizard" and was hoping that you could help me.

I was spending the schematic of "Ashdown Hyperdrive" which is this: ... b63b3o.jpg

but the program gives me this pcb: ... 5673fo.jpg
It's ridiculous!

I do not know that I'm wrong, but here are the Schems in case anyone wants to help me.

Thanks, I hope you can help me!
Ashdown Hyperdrive 2.rar
(16.92 KiB) Downloaded 17 times

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Post by phatt »

I'm not a C wizard user but by looking at the mess I'd guess that you are not familiar with how this stuff works.
Tiss not hard to input a schematic and get components onto the screen but that is the easy part. winky.
Now the hard work begins,, You have to sort out where each component needs to go and that does test your patience and ability to think in many dimensions.
I doubt any of these programs place and auto route tracks for you. That would mean the software would need to be able to read your mind, lol. :block:

Be aware that a lot of the software is aimed more about hiteck com stuff where tracks and pads are micro thin and small.
Fine if you have a PCB factory next door but in the real world of home building you need to keep tracks and pads at SANE dimensions otherwise you are just building yourself into a corner. :slap:
You need to input design criteria first, like how small tracks/pads can be and how close each part/track/pad can be.
Most software will have a master DRC (design rule checker file) you may need to alter a few parameters.

BTW , I'm no expert and I'm still learning but you can get a decent project to happen if take time to absorb things.
Don't forget most of these things have help files and one does need to refer to them even if badly written they can help.
Sadly this stuff IS complex and it takes many goes to come to terms with them.
Hope it helps, Phil.

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