Free soundtoys stereo enhancer (ilock needed)

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I made 2 quick videos to hear what this plug can do. I like it a lot. It can do an emulation of double-tracking to get a wider sound.
Without this kinf of plug, you need to use a delay, an EQ and a pitchshifter to do this but it's quite difficult to do this without having phase issues.
So I think this simple plug is worth for those who own an ilock or plan to get one.
Here are the links :
Little Microshift plugin (mono to stereo) - Van Halen Quick Tone :
Little Microshift plugin (mono to stereo) - I will follow test :
I like the preset III with mix 100% wet (to me there's no phase issue with it and a good stereo widening). Tell me what you think about it.
And if you experienced better plugs or have good simple tricks to turn a mono guitar track to something "spacious" without having to double track (à la "The Edge" when he plays live), I'm ready to learn more !

PS : if you want to get the plug, use a redemption code (read the text under the videos) and follow the written procedure(it's quite complex because of the ilock which needs drivers and sharing soft to be updated on your PC).

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