The charging problems of BQ24616 in my circuit

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Good morning~all
The battery which is 3 and 2 sting was charging by BQ24616,the outside connected the inputted power of 12V while the current limiting is 4A.
1). When here didn’t connect battery,the BQ24616 was measured that the outputted voltage is about 8.4,the voltage output is normal which can explain that the circuit of battery charging is working.
2). Measuring the current of configured charging and the voltage of pins in the outside circuit: Vacset=0.8v,Viset2=0.3v,Viset1=0.6v,Vts=2.17v
The configuration of current limiting in the outside input is 4A while the current of per-charge is 0.3A and the charging of constant current is 3A.Here has no any temperature protection which explain that the configuration is normal.
3).When connecting the battery,the voltage of battery which I have used and the electric quantity is not full shows 7.9V. The outside power input shows 12V,0.35A here when charging. The indicator light is lighting. I would like to know:
Why doesn’t charging here according to the constant power charging as design? The value is so small that I think maybe the current just about 500mA.
4).When I increased the inputted voltage outside to 25V,the inputted current increased to 0.45A as following the voltage.It’s so odd!
The following picture is my circuit,please have a look and give me some suggestions !
PS: This is the BQ24616's datasheet:,please have a look if needed.

Your help will be appreciated!

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pls post a readable pic of the schematic and explain the relation between this and a forum dedicated to guitar effects pedals.
Sorry. Plain out of planes.

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