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Re: Mini/Small enclosure pedals

Posted: 11 Jun 2014, 12:07
by rocklander
thought it time for an update since I just added a tuner to the board. picked up the polytune noir for a fair price so had to attach that to the board. I kicked off the tremolo cos it just doesn't get any use when I gig.
I've also since added a clock into the thing cos I never wear a watch and never know when we stop.start sets..


right to left it's:
pico eq (mad prof eq) ->zen drive ->bsiabII ->dr bogey ->puddleduck delay (mad prof deep blue) ->ross phaser ->zombie chorus
total chain is driven by the baja black toast buffer

the polytune has REALLY short screws so I couldn't use chain links to anchor it so I had to get my thinking cap on.. I figured I'd use cable clamp down thingies
(these -> Image)
they also didn't lemme screw in (due to countersinking on the base) but I managed to squeeze them between the back plate and the main body of the tuner.. whew! they're not as tight as being screwed down by the chain links but it wont fly away... will prolly tidy the leads up a lil but since the tuner in is the main switch (top right) then I have no need to jump on the polytune to engage so the cable where it is doesn't bother me too much.

Re: Mini/Small enclosure pedals

Posted: 11 Jun 2014, 15:31
by Greenmachine