need help with P90/S/S wiring

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im picking up a 1989 charvel model 1a next week, which is configured like a strat (SSS, 1 vol 2 tone, 5way switch). i want to swap out the single coil in the bridge for a duncan phat cat, which is a humbucker sized p90.

now, the problem is, the p90 requires a 500k vol pot, the single coils 250k. so i figured, the best way to wire this up would be 1 volume and no tone pot for the p90 in the bridge, and for the middle and neck single coils to share a volume and a tone pot.

only problem is, i cant find a wiring diagram for this configuration, an im more of a draw-by-numbers-soldering-kind-a-guy... :roll:

can someone help me out and draw this up for me? doesnt have to be pretty, any somewhat readable hand-drawing would do.



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passive pick-ups don't require specific potentiometers, they simply act as filters together with pots.
Long story short, the higher the pot value the more treble will pass.

Usually passive single coils use lower value pots, to shave some high, vice-versa you'll prefer higher value pots for humbucker so you'll get more treble.

Try your singles with 500ks and decide yourself if you like 'em or not.

Using a 500K pot and adding a 500K resistor in parallel on the pick-ups selector switch, when on the single coils positions, will give you 250K...

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