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Frequently asked question regarding resistors, potentiometers, types, requirements, ratings etc.
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Post by jimiguitar »

what are the most common size resistors in the pedals in this from 1/2 or 1/4 or 1/8 watt or in wamplers pedals

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Post by commathe »

I tend to use 1/4 watts. 1/4 watts will be safe for about 25mA at 9V, which is way more than most pedals draw. You can probably get away with 1/8Ws most of the time but going a little bit higher doesn't hurt! 1/4Ws also fit nicely onto perf board projects. They are only one column wide and 4 rows long.

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Post by galmar »

I agree on the 1/4W, they seem to be the most convenient value to use. Higher wattage also aids in reducing noise, but I have not compared 1/8W to 1/4W resistors in any pedal to testify for a notable improvement.

I also use 0.6W resistors like these:
I know they are more expensive than typical 1/4W ones found locally, but for a pedal it won't cost you much more. I usually gather things I want and order them to reduce costs. They are about the same size as ordinary 1/4W ones.

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Post by leftfingaz »

1/4 but you can use 1/2. refer to this ... #RESISTORS

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