resitor networks, any reason not to use them?

Frequently asked question regarding resistors, potentiometers, types, requirements, ratings etc.
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Im using some Bourns metal film resistor networks in my prototypes, they are nice and tidy on the board for summing duties in an audio mixer, they are rated for 200mw

at the moment Im doing a simple mixer, 4 stereo channels so 2 resistor networks, 4 elements each with pin no 5 as the sum. I presume there is no impact to the audio quality instead of using individual resistors?

Ive also started using metal film resitors that are tiny, I had ordered them not knowing they were so small but it means they can be put in very tight spaces with each end 2.54mm apart, the models Im using are 250mw and 400mw and I dont understand how they are much smaller than standard resistors, tho perhaps they are the same as used in networks, is there an issue with heat since there is less surface area? Im using them in op amp feedback loops as they fit perfectly next to the corresponding DIP pins, I know I can use standard resistors bent vertically tho

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There should be no detrimental effect from using smaller size resistors. As long as they meet your power requirements, they are fine.

Component technology has improved a lot over the years. Things keep shrinking in size. It doesn't mean that they are lower quality.

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